Freshman dating 7th grader

GrailGuardian , Apr 22, Apr 22, 6. I know a girl who took it up the butt from a junior in 6th grade. Apr 22, 7.

Apr 22, 8. I knew a guy that dated a 7th grader when he was a sophmore.

Is it ok for a freshman to date a 7th grader?

Apr 22, 9. ThaPhantom07 , Apr 22, Apr 22, Wii , Apr 22, CorrodedCataclysm , Apr 22, Sertith , Apr 22, Jan 9, Messages: It doesn't really matter though, because either way it's still gross. But isn't a typical 7th grader like 13? Depending on your definition of dating, some activities may be a little I went out with a 7th grader when I was a freshman.

Honestly, I would wait man. She isn't and won't be as mature as you.

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Our relationship lasted longer than most our ages, 8 months but just wait. Someone your age will come around soon.

It's a bit creepy for the older one. I would say love knows no borders. As long as it's serious, and not just some younger chick being a slut because she doesn't understand the world yet, thne it's fine. I know what is within me, even if you can't see it yet.

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Look me in the eyes, I have something more important than courage, I have patience. I will become what I know I am.

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At this age, I think not. Maybe when you're in HS and you're a senior and she's a sophomore or whatever she is. But in Middle School that's kind of weird.

Should a seventh grader date a Freshman

Originally Posted by sumusikoo. Originally Posted by xHDx. Originally Posted by Sonydigital.

Originally Posted by EthanLarmon. In 8th grade I didnt even consider 7th graders. Freshman year, I knew I would never go back to middle school.

I didnt date girls younger than me until last year and I havent gone more than one grade lower. Oh and btw strong lbs to no avi ratio.